Tom Cridland - Luxury Menswear Collection

Founded in 2014, Tom Cridland is an affordable and stylish range of menswear. It is something that I as the only chap at The Amazing Blog want to let all and sundry know about. Tom is also a bit of PR whiz, and has cleverly gained a celebrity following with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams, Nile Rodgers and Ben Stiller.  Not bad for a 25 year old modern languages graduate!  Tom has built up his brand all on his own and on 14th January he launched in the Concept Store in the Kings Road, Chelsea  - where his brand will be residing there for two months.

There is more than meets the eye to Tom Cridland’s luxury menswear collection. The 30 year Sweatshirt has only recently launched this year, which is sustainably made with premium organic cotton crewneck, backed up with a 30 year guarantee. No wear and tear for 30 years? Almost sounds too good to be true. With the sweaters costing around £65 if by any chance your trusty sweatshirt gets a tear on the left arm, not to worry just send it back to the shop, they will repair and send it back, completely free of charge.  It seems that Tom Cridland’s success is booming and we can only expect more from him in this year.

What I particularly love are the organic cotton trousers at £89 (see above pic of Electric Blue pair) they are a good slim fit, the material feels soft they are a really affordable price for truly really luxurious product. Tom personally oversees all the designs and manufacture in Portugal so you know that the quality will be top-notch. Tempted? Then hurry over to Kings Road and check the new 2016 collection out for yourself, or buy a sweatshirt online here