Friday Favourite's Sun Protection

Whether you are jetting off for a week of sun or heading to the park with friends to soak in some rays, The Amazing Blog certainly hopes that you are prepared and take sun protection with you. As we have often said before, and definitely will again, sun damage is the nemesis of youthful looking skin. Now to protect you skin, until the fountain of youth is discovered, we have put together a little list of a few of the best sun protectors we know of; from sprays, to lotions, to after sun care and hair care – we’ve got your back. So have a little read, see what’s right for you and tan in style.

Now, we know that for some of us, summer and sun protection is an unwanted annoyance which gets in the way of more immediate fun, gets all over clothes or can be a fiasco that you seek to avoid. Well, if this sounds like you and the idea of spending time covering yourself in sun cream, lotion or oil seems inconvenient or unpleasant then we have the perfect product for you. Giilnea Organic Sun Care 30+ is an amazing and easy to use spray, the product is easily massaged into skin leaving no pesky residue. Should skin go a bit white after applying, it’s probably just a little dry, so apply a little moisturiser and watch it disappear. The extraordinary recipe of the product means that not only are the ingredients all organic, but there are no harmful UV filters such as Aluminium. 

The product smells amazing and minutes after applying, our skin felt wonderfully soft. To purchase your effective and no fuss sun care product here for £26

For those of us who maybe need something a little stronger, or enjoy a summer kit to throw in a suitcase then you cannot go wrong with Nuxe’s Sun Travel Kit. Inside the handy little see through plastic bag are three of Nuxe’s best summer products, the Melting Cream with a 50spf factor, the After Sun Hair and Body Shampoo and the Refreshing After Sun Lotion.

The melting cream is a sun protector that, with a delightful summery fragrance almost like honey, ensures a 100% glamourous tan. The cream helps to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays, preventing signs of sun-induced premature ageing. However, if you don’t like using creams, then it is available to purchase on its own as a spray. The After Sun Hair and Body Shampoo gently cleanses and removes all residue of UV filters, Salt, Chlorine and Sand. Thus leaving skin cleansed and refreshed, and hair feeling strong and soft. The Refreshing After-Sun Lotion has an almost addictive scent of Sweet Orange, Tahitian Gardenia and Vanilla. The lotion perfectly hydrates skin and is able to prolong your tan by two weeks.

For a perfect tan, healthy skin and hair purchase Nuxe’s Sun Travel Set here for £19.00 and the sun protection spray is available here for £17.00


Now, for all you men out there looking for a powerful sun lotion but one with a more masculine scent then L:A BRUKET have the perfect product for you; No 169 Solkräm SPF 30 200 ML Patchouli/mint. Made with natural ingredients such as organic sunflower oil and avocado oil, the lotion is filled with Vitamin E and D, Omega 6-7 and 9 all of which helps to nourish the skin, as well as to help reinforce the skins protective barrier. What’s more the combination of ingredients in the lotion helps stimulate cell renewal. The essential oils of mint, patchouli and lavender help give it a cooling effect as well as give it its delicious woody floral aroma.

Male skin may be made of tougher stuff, but is also at the mercy of the sun. So having this lotion in your holiday bag is the best step you can take to keep male skin looking as great as it can. Purchase the lotion here for £36


That'so Pure Sun All in One is an innovative 5 action SPF spray is perfect for every skin type for sun protection. If you're never sure which SPF level to get, why not buy a sunscreen which gives you the ability to increase the SPF level simply by layering the product. One layer gives SPF20, two layers gives SPF30 and three layers gives SPF50. MELANUP+, stimulates the melanin production to get a natural tan with no exposition to UV ray. It is quite rare to have a patent pending tan product with a multi functional use to all skin types. To give an authentic tanning look, a component named TYR-EXCEL, a tanning activator creates the best tanning look.  Diffusion is continuous in order to make the application easier, even in less reachable areas.This perfect protective oil spray priced at £24.95; has a limited availability on the website for £24.95. 

We can't wait to see your glamorous tans. So what are you waiting for? Go and purchase any of these fantastic products to safeguard your skin from damage, pain and wrinkles - we'll see you at the beach.