GelTouch Mini Starter Kit

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Calling all aspiring nail aficionados; here at The Amazing Blog we think that we've found you the ultimate talon-transforming product. GelTouch has now released a Mini Starter Kit, which claims to transform any nail polish into a high-shine glossy gel finish, just perfect for nail novices. We love the idea of salon-quality nails from home, and all in mere minutes!

The Starter Kit comes with a mini LED lamp that transforms each nail in seconds, a GelTouch Top Coat and Cleansing Wipes. They recommend that you allow your regular nail polish at least 20-30 minutes to dry on your nails. Then once the polish is completely dry, apply a thin coat of GelTouch Top Coat; cure your nails under their LED Lamp for 60 seconds. Finally, wipe the sticky residue from each nail using a Gel Cleansing Wipe. Do not fear; the nail polish won't be impossible to remove at home. They say: 'When you’re ready to remove, simply peel GelTouch off of your nails' (which we don't recommend!) We say lightly soak them in acetone.

The lamp comes with a USB power cable, so all you need to do is plug it into a laptop for example. The kit is so ‘mini’, that the lamp fits just the tips of your fingers on one hand and is genuinely portable. Why not take it away with you on holiday? We think that it's just perfect for manicures on the go!

Don’t let the size fool you though, it may be mini, but the staying power the combined effect of the GelTouch Top Coat and LED lamp gives your regular nail polish is mighty. The final bonus is it only takes 60 seconds to transform nails, into a chip-resistant, shiny result that can last up to ten days. vailable to purchase from for £24.99.