Gourmet Hot Chocolate and Signature Thins by Paxton Chocolates

All of us at The Amazing Blog are self-proclaimed chocoholics, so it's a real treat when we get to review some indulgent and delicious chocolate for you. This week we were lucky enough to review a brand we've previously featured, Paxton Chocolate. All of their chocolates are handmade in Brighton, and they source the chocolate couverture from a company in Belgium that has been producing the finest chocolate for over 100 years from sustainably grown cocoa beans. This week we tried Paxton's Gourmet Hot Chocolate and their Signature Thins

The Gourmet Hot Chocolate was decadent and luxurious. Available in five distinctly delicious flavours, we tried the Hazelnut and Pistachio and Earl Grey and Orange flavours. These were rich and decadent drinks which are the perfect accompaniment for a cosy evening in. We can think of nothing better than curling up with a warming mug of the Gourmet Hot Chocolate, putting on a face mask and watching our favourite film! If you’re feeling really cheeky, we found adding a splash of amaretto to the Hazelnut and Pistachio Hot Chocolate was a great way to jazz up the drink and our evening.

The Signature Thins were both delicious and beautiful. Looking at them left us feeling conflicted, we didn’t want to ruin how stunning they were, but they were just too tempting. The box contains six tantalising flavours: White Chocolate Raspberry and Rose, Milk Chocolate Orange and Earl Grey Tea, Milk Chocolate Chestnut and Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Candied Chilli and our personal favourite, Dark Chocolate and Lavender. Despite the fact that you won’t want to share these with anyone, we think they would make a great gift.

You can purchase the Gourmet Hot Chocolates here for £8.50 and the Signature Thins here for £25.00