Heathcote & Ivory - Rainforest Collection

Here at The Amazing Blog we’ve just found out how to defeat fatigue and bad mood caused from cold and rainy days. We save a moment every evening to immerge in the fantastic world of Heathcote&Ivory Rainforest Collection.

Imagine an exotic garden, appealing scents and natural essential oils, all available in a box. This is what Heathcote&Ivory offers with their Bath Flowers.  A collection multicolour flowers which reminds us of sugar decorations for cakes! You’ll need to soak few of the petals in warm water and they’ll reveal perfumes of pink grapefruit, jasmine, bergamot and orange.

Relaxing and calming, they do not contain no parabens or sulfates that means they’ll be gentle on your skin. Once you get out of your paradise bath tub, indulge a little bit longer in this tropical cloud of colour and flowers with the Hydrating Body Cream.
Add a touch of lemon, lily and amber to your daily treatment, soothing your body skin with two of the best allies you can have: Vitam E and Shea butter.  We personally love the texture of this lotion, so rich and dense but not greasy at all!

Every bathing moment should be special and we’re convinced that using products that can transform yours in an exotic escape doesn’t have price so let’s fly for free to Caraibi with bath flowers here for only £10 and hydrating body cream here at £9.