Hoogly Tea

Perhaps it is the expansive range of delicious concoctions from Hoogly that initially drew us in at The Amazing Blog. Alternatively, perhaps it was their very name which demands attention. Whichever it may be, attention should definitely be made to this fantastic range of delectable and 100% natural ingredient teas.

The name of the brand Hoogly is the correct pronunciation of the Danish term ‘hyggelig’ which is the adjective of the Danish concept of ‘hygge’. Hygge is “an experience; a year-round feeling of warmth, wellbeing and cosiness”, and so they tell us, is the reason why the Danes are such a happy nation. When you think about it, it does all fit, but that is quite a claim when referring to a humble cup of tea. Are we being a touch British about it all? They are blended and packed in the South East of England, and more importantly for us, they are ethically sourced and fairly traded.

There’s only one way to find out, so we chose to try the variety of loose teas. These compromise of Around the Fire Black (Oolong) Tea, Classic Green Tea, Sparkling White Tea and  Chill Out Mint Herbal Infusion Tea. They are all at opposite ends of the warmth spectrum if you will; and both ends, we can report, gave us warm and fuzzy smiles, leaving us very happy. The lesson here is certainly that if you need a major pep-you-up, then try some ‘hygge’ in a cup - it’s enormously satisfying.

You can order your own dose of the Danish lifestyle from the Hoogly website here, with a choice of both loose leaves and bags, at £5.50 each for a 50g pack or £19.50 for a 200g tub. From the extraordinary range of 18 infusions available - we will definitely be whiling away some more hours honing our ‘happy’, and finding our zen!