Moonlight Dust Daily Cream and Hydration & Rejuvenation Hand Cream - Dr. Gabriela

Dr. Gabriela runs a cosmetic clinic on Harley Street and is a pioneer in the anti-ageing industry. She has introduced innovative non-invasive treatments to the UK and continually works to expand her anti-ageing skincare range. We here at The Amazing Blog, therefore, feel confident putting our skin in Dr. Gabriela’s (probably wrinkle-free) hands. We were able to test out two products from the range; The Moonlight Dust Booster Day Cream and the Hydration & Rejuvenation Hand Cream.

The Moonlight Dust Daily Cream comes in a day or night version, made for the face, neck and décolletage. The day cream feels lightweight yet softening and hydrating. It is rich in molecular water, botanical extracts and antioxidants. This cream doesn’t just sit on top of the skin feeling greasy, it soaks right in and hydrates at a cellular level, whilst strengthening the skin barrier. If you need even more intense hydration, the night cream consists of 100% molecular water. It is basically a tall glass of water for the skin.

Hands can often unwillingly reveal your true age, or perhaps even appear older as we don’t always include them in our anti-ageing routine. The Hydration & Rejuvenation Hand Cream boasts 72-hour hydration with its molecular water technology delivering hydration deeper than just the surface. The cream is easily absorbed, allowing you to swiftly carry on with your day as it shields your hands from harmful external factors. In fact, 100% of consumers reported a reduction in wrinkles and 75% of consumers reported softer skin and stronger nails.

Purchase the face cream for £79 and the hand cream for £20. As you cannot purchase Dr. Gabriela products online, you can email them at or call them at 02034902798.