Intense Ultra Restore Facial Oil and Rose Quartz Body Oil - ISUN

With the ever-hectic world consuming us, it is sometimes imperative to sit back and indulge in a moment of mindfulness. Whether you're reading a book, going for a walk or taking the time to enjoy your skincare routine, it is important that we treat ourselves. If like us at The Amazing Blog your me-time is your skincare routine, ISUN, and their organic skincare range is perfect for these moments as it is founded on the concept of mindfulness to give you youthful, balanced and radiant skin.

ISUN's core ethos is to produce a positive healing effect on the body, mind and spirit, leading to a sense of total well-being. Bunnie Gullick, the creator of ISUN, maintains that the only way our skin can emit and hold onto the vitality and radiance of youth, is when it absorbs the nutrition and energy from alive ingredients. As such, ISUN's products only contain alive ingredients, giving you the greatest results. It has been proven that plants contain potent regenerating energies absorbed from the sun, and this energy can then be transferred to the skin. ISUN believe that not only does this process make us more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally, but that it also helps us become more open and loving toward others.

We can most certainly vouch for the natural feel and smell of the Intense Ultra Restore Facial Oil. With 100% active ingredients, consisting of stabilised Vitamin C, CoQ10, antioxidants and rejuvenating fatty acids, your skin will be left intensely moisturised and firmer. The CoQ10 boosts collagen in the skin, making this oil a prime anti-ageing contender. You mustn’t neglect your body in your skincare routine, and with the Rose Quartz Oil your body will receive the beneficial properties of the herb-infused essential oils. The oil will soothe and nourish your skin, promoting cell renewal. Each bottle of body oil contains a small rose quartz crystal which, as ISUN puts it best, is included to ‘subtly vibrate the healing energies of the crystal into the oil’.

You can purchase the face oil here for £110 and the body oil here for £48.