John Masters Organics - Rose & Apricot Hair Milk

At The Amazing Blog, we find it utterly refreshing when we come across any hair product that is truly unique from your average hair product. Needles to say, we have fallen in love with John Master Organics Rose & Apricot Hair Milk. The product is a light, leave-in hair milk that nourishes and protects the hair, leaving it feeling fresh and smelling delicious.

Not only does this product help repair sun damaged hair, but it also doubles up as a light-hold styling product with the ability to moisturise, de-frizz, and add shine. To use the hair milk, apply it post hair wash, to towel-dried hair. After you use it and are all set to dry your hair, you can begin to feel the wonders it has worked on your luscious locks right away.

The key ingredients in this product is rose flower oil, which softens and nourishes hair whilst the apricot oil treats dryness. Oil products are fabulous for dry hair, as they help replace natural oils that are missing, resulting in stronger strands. Whether you are looking to step-up your shine or repair your damaged tresses, this product is useful for an array of treatments.

John Masters Organics Rose and Apricot Milk can be bought here  at £25 for 4 fl oz.