Protein Bites By Nibble

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Unfortunately, a lot of so-called ‘healthy’ snacks are full of sugar, and Nibble just couldn’t stomach this anymore (pardon the pun). When Nibble created their Protein Bites, which are delicious, healthy and high in protein, our appetites here at The Amazing Blog were wetted.

Protein Bites are high in protein (obviously), a great source of fibre, low GI and low in sugar. In layman terms, this all means that you stay fuller for longer, so you won’t be tempted to snack on empty-nutritious foods, and you also won’t get that dreaded sugar crash later. In fact, Nibble are lower in sugar than almost all other brands, and by a lot. For those with dietary restrictions, they are also dairy free, gluten free, date free, and vegan – hoorah!

You might think this all sounds a bit, well, bland. Think again! Protein Bites are packed with flavour, and come in some very tempting flavours, including Sour Cherry, Choc Chip Cookie, Lemon with Coconut, and Mocha. These are simply the perfect healthy snacks for on-the-go, a little energy boost when you’re feeling low or can’t quite get through the seemingly endless gap between lunch and dinner. The bites are made of antioxidant-rich dried plum puree, instead of the over-used and strange-tasting dates, and a blend of toasted pumpkin/sunflower seeds (for nutty flavour and texture) and pea protein (for that much-needed high protein content).

Purchase the pack of 8 Protein Bites  here for £18.00, Nibble Protein Bites are also available at Ocado for £2.39 each.