Oildeology - La Vie en Rose Drops

Here at The Amazing Blog we know how vital it is to keep our skin looking youthful and fresh by applying moisturisers and cleansers. But what about a product that works from the inside out? We thought that this idea would make a lot of sense, and we were lucky to receive La Vie En Rose drops  by Oildeology.

This product was designed using innovative technology to extract active ingredients from the flowers of Rosa Damascena to create an organic certified supplement. La Vie en Rose is a 100% natural product and is of extremely high quality that is also high in nutritional value. The drops improve skin condition and maintain the youth of your skin with the subtle scent of Bulgarian Rose. This scent is not only a relaxing fragrance but also raises your resistance to stress. This has a beneficial effect on sleep and counteracts premature signs of aging. All you need to do is add 15 drops to 100ml of water, tea or juice. The drops will support the function of the skin, hair and nails. La Vie en Rose is a nutricosmecutical product that actually works with your body to produce and maintain younger looking skin.

While traditional beauty products only function on the surface of the skin, a product like this will have multiple benefits to your entire body and not just the skins surface.  You can buy La Vie en Rose here for £21.00.