Lash Control - Mascaras


Are you tired of dealing with globs of mascara every time you pull the brush out of the container? Or even worse, having clumps of mascara on your eyelashes? Here at The Amazing Blog, we have found a way to prevent these annoying episodes, with these two mascaras from Lash Control. These mascaras are from the USA, under the name U. Control Packaging, LLC, well-known for its line of unique mascara and brow-fix formulas. Their formulas are sold under the niche brand name LASHCONTROL®, a unique, patented and award-winning collection of mascara tubes. With tubes that allow you to control how much mascara is on your brush, simply squeeze as you pull the brush out, and excess formula stays in the tube.

We were sent two products from the Lash Control range, the first being the ClearCoat Mascara and Brow-Fix This is the first ever mascara/brow-fix with a “built-in non-clumping squeezable wiper sleeve”. It enables the user to control the amount of formula being used, depending on how hard they squeeze it. It is loaded with botanicals, namely a hydrating beeswax base, Gingko Biloba, Chamomile Flower Extract, and Ginseng Root Extracts. It can also be used as a top coat over the Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara, to add some extra shine whilst separating the lashes. Alongside lashes, it can be used as a brow gel, taming “fly a ways” to create a fresh grooming look.

The second product sent to us by Lash Control was the Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara. This is basically the other one’s twin, but with added colour. Its volumizing brush is zig-zag shaped, enabling the user to apply the product effortlessly.  It contains the same ingredients as the ClearCoat Mascara, and as such, you won’t be wasting time wiping the wand on a tissue or scraping it along the edge of the tube. The squeezable wiper sleeve will once again leave you with a precise and full looking result

These mascaras promote healthy and natural looking lashes with the use of organic ingredients. Trust us; you won’t regret buying these two products. So get the ClearCoat Mascara and Brow-Fix here and Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara here available via Amazon or Paypal for $18.00 each.