Light, Normal and Rich Intense Moisturisers and Boosters - Bio-Extracts

As you know, we are always on the lookout for exciting, revolutionary and different beauty products here at The Amazing Blog as such we have seen many different approaches to skin care, so please believe us when we say that we have seen nothing like Bio-Extracts! Thes products are based on scientific theory, they are fun to use, and they are effective! We can't think of anything better, except maybe if they were vegan, paraben free and made with all natural ingredients – which they are!

Bio Extracts work off a concept unlike any other; they have three intense moisturisers called light, normal and rich. Once you have selected the moisturiser you think is most appropriate for you skin, you then choose a ‘booster’. The boosters they have come in large syringes, which you are supposed to then add to the cream. By mixing and matching their boosters with the creams, you can tailor a product ideal for your skin’s individual needs! It’s very simple to use, with every pump of moisturiser you add 1-2 shots of the booster!

So what is the science behind it? Well the upper layers of the skin, the stratum corneum, are elaborately organised into a highly-structured, lamellar arrangement. These layers are what form the skin’s barrier function, which keeps internal fluids and external stressors external. If this sounds too scientific for you, it did to us; we understand the lamellar arrangement as consisting of lipids, or ‘oils and fats’. Bio-Extracts has a very distinctive structural similarity to these natural layers in the skin and is therefore designed to act as a patch on the skin. This, in turn, helps to restore and protect the barrier function of the skin; stopping trans-epidermal water loss, improving hydration, and protecting the skin from external irritants.

There are nine boosters to choose from; Glow boost, clean to clear boost, pore minimising boost, anti wrinkle boost, lifting booster, firming booster, hydro booster, glow boost, and anti-oxidant booster. Each moisturiser recommends which boosters are most efficient with the cream, helping you get the best results. The products all smelt divine, and we loved incorporating Bio-Extracts into our routine. We can’t wait to use them again!

You can purchase the creams for £27.00 and the boosters for £19.50 from here.