Friday Favourites - Lip Feature

With summer here, at The Amazing Blogwe're busy thinking about our 'holiday makeup' in anticipation for our long-awaited sunshine break ahead. Of course, we want to look our best to feel our best and we think that having a perfect pout and adding a pop of colour is essential to every summer or holiday look. So today we’ve got a few favourites to share with you, to help achieve full, luscious and kissable lips.


Screenshot (24).png


We’re turning our eyes towards a familiar brand we trust to get this started on the right foot. Rouge Bunny Rouge is a retro-inspired cosmetics brand that delivers on the long-lasting; something we can say is tried and true. While they have a wide range of products to have you looking your best, we’re putting their FOREVER YOURS… Long-lasting Lip Pencil in the spotlight. In five beautiful shades to match various lip shades, you will be sure to find one to suit your fancy. We wanted to highlight our personal favourite, Marco, because it is a stunning matte, medium cool raspberry shade that we think complements every skin tone. It is still on the natural side of the spectrum, but it really made our lips the focus of our look; day or night.

The formula of these lip pencils is fantastic. It glides on in incredibly smooth strokes and then stays put—all day. Through eating, drinking, laughing and a bit of smooching, this little one packs a punch. It is waterproof and semi-permanent so you don’t have to be on the hunt for a mirror every hour, to see if it’s in place. We love it on its own, but it also pairs well with a gloss for a little shimmer and shine. You can purchase the Rouge Bunny Rouge FOREVER YOURS…Long-lasting Lip Pencil here for €19.


Misfit Naked all day.jpg

Next up, we wanted to share a new discovery of ours from the sweet brand Pretty Little Lips. This duo is another look we love to rock for a high shine, pretty pout. We start the lookout with their All Day Matte Lip Liner in Naked. This is the perfect nude with touches of pink and coral that make your lips pop. It lasts all day and the colour is deeply pigmented.


Bare Nude lipgloss.jpg

To complete the duo, we top the look off with their Nude Lipgloss in Bare. Not only do these glosses add some serious shine that will give you a “glass-like look,” it will keep the moisture in your lips locked in and ready for anything. This combination is truly a slice of heaven. It is subtle, yet stunning and we find ourselves constantly reaching for it. The Bare shade is a true nude that stands out on its own, but when put with Naked, it transforms into a beautiful creamsicle hue that is surely eye-catching and perfect for summer days. You can purchase the All Day Matte Lip Liner in Naked here for £6 and the Nude Lipgloss in Bare here for £12.





Last but not least, we could not resist putting in a little plumping action on this list. We turned to the creators at Elizabeth Grant and even though they're a well-known American brand for their skincare (we’ve tested out quite a few, like this one on our blog), we were excited to branch out and see how their Collagen Re-Inforce Lip  Plumper worked. It is one of their best sellers and claims to “deliver hydration and helps plump the appearance of lips for a look that lasts and lasts,” so of course that peaked our interest. It comes in two shades, Clear and Natural, and we went with Natural because it has a subtle hue and a touch of shimmer that emphasizes the plumpness of your lips. We enjoy using this one under every lip look, to really make that pout pop, or even on its own for subtle days when we still want our lips to look pouty and full, because let's be honest, when don’t we want that? It is completely painless and smells sweet as candy. You can purchase the Collagen Re-Inforce Lip Plumper here for £12.99 (currently on special offer at Ideal World with Collagen Re-Inforce 3D Lip Wrinkle and Lift Serum 15ml). 

We hope that we've inspired you to find a new favourite go-to lip combo, for showing off your perfect pout together with summer cocktails.