Lola’s Apothecary


Amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, The Amazing Blog finds it necessary to make time for relaxation, whether it’s watching a marathon of our favourite box sets or drawing a warm bath. Lola’s Apothecary helped us unwind with their Delicate Romance Balancing Bath & Shower Oil and Tranquil Isle Bath Salt. Lola’s Apothecary is a UK and Devon based company who take a holistic approach to wellness and spa, with products which are grounded in nature. We found ourselves reaching nirvana with their intoxicating fragrances. All the handmade products are created with the intent to enrich your self-care rituals.

The award-winning Delicate Romance Balancing Bath & Shower Oil is composed of plant essences that emit a romantic fragrance of flowers and spices. The scent is warm and inviting and immediately commands the body to relax. It only takes a few drops to feel the effects of instant gratification. The glass bottle is simple, yet elegant and inside has a selection of adorable floating rosebuds. You can also reap the benefits of the aromatherapy by rubbing a few drops onto your décolletage before slipping into the bath for a soak. The source of vitamin E treats sensitive skin. Beta Carotene stimulates cell turnover with its high level of omega 6. Other ingredients help reduce redness and inflammation and regulate hormonal health.

Similar to the bath oils, the Tranquil Isle Bath Salt is concentrated in essential oils that create a therapeutic experience. The calming smell of lavender puts your mind at ease of everyday stresses. The Himalayan Crystal Salt is one of the purest salts with traces of many minerals that are also very beneficial to health. Roman Camomile acts as an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent for sensitive skin. The Vetivert is a relaxant that aids sleep and relieves nervous tension.

To use, create a complete atmospheric experience for yourself – dimming the lights and lighting a candle. You can indulge in the pleasures of aromatherapy without leaving the comfort of your own home. As you draw the bath, drip a few drops of the oil or sprinkle the bath salts. Step into the tub and let the therapeutic smells take over. Purchase the Balancing Bath & Shower Oil 100ml here for £40 and the Tranquil Isle Bath Salts here for £50.