Mahtay Natural Biorhythm - Mahtay

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It is Monday again and here at The Amazing Blog, we sometimes need an extra boost to keep us going with the start of a new week. We’ve recently discovered Mahtay Natural Biorhythm, a vitality drink that helps to energise and get us charging through the day.

Mahtay Natural Biorhythm is a roasted sparkling Yerba Maté drink with refreshing coconut juice and antioxidant-rich acai berries. This healthy drink is low calorie, low sugar, and tastes great whether it is on its own or mixed into a cheeky cocktail. The Yerba Maté, sourced from South America, has invigorative and energizing properties due to the natural presence of Theobromine, a thermogenic fat burner that acts like caffeine but without the side effects of coffee. Coconut water contains bioactive enzymes that promote healthy digestion and increased metabolism, along with a variety of healthy vitamins and minerals. The Acai berries provide antioxidants promoting a healthy complexion and improving mental and physical endurance so you can work hard and play hard!

Visit their website to find your closest stockist of Mahtay Natural Biorhythm drink.