Make Believe - Instant Tan Wash Off Bronzer & Self Tan Mist

With that bout of heat hitting London in July, and many of us jetting off to sunnier climes, some of us in The Amazing Blog office are sporting pretty impressive tans. Unfortunately, some of us are on the paler side, and although we embrace this English Rose look most of the time, it would be nice to achieve a sun-kissed glow, without risking the inevitable sunburn. Thanks to Make Believe Self Tan Skincare, we can stick to our trusty SPF 50, and perfect the look of those bronzed goddesses we envy.

For a longer lasting tan, we really enjoyed using the Self Tan Mist. Infused with Argan Oil, it’ll make your skin feel as good as it looks, and the super dark colour was great for achieving a deep golden bronze. Our favourite, however, was the Instant Tan Wash Off Bronzer. Often wash-off colours can have a bit of a shimmer, but this matte cream is perfect for a natural looking tan. The streak-free formula goes on so smoothly and easily, and, although it is wash off, it takes quite a lot of washing to budge it, so there’s really no worry of a sweaty festival or rainy day dampening your tanned style. We used the Medium Dark shade, and loved the sun-kissed effect. We haven’t braved using it on our face yet, as we think that may take a more experienced hand. However, it is suitable for both face and body, if you have more tan expertise than we do. With none of that horrid biscuit smell (the tell-tale sign of a self tanner), it’s perfect for an inconspicuous holiday look.

Join us pale girls in playing ‘make believe’ this summer and cheat the perfect tan with the Instant Tan Wash Off Bronzer and Self Tan Mist. Grab the bronzer here for £2.00 (it's on special offer!) and the mist here for £14.99.