Shiny Lips Lip balm, Shea Butter Filtered Through Volcanic Rock and a Nourishing Beauty Mask from Manna

The Amazing Blog is a huge fan of the Manna brand, not only do they have excellent values but their products are always perfect. As the weather is beginning to change, it’s time to start switching up our skincare routine and products, and it seems only natural to incorporate Manna into this change. We have decided to include three of Manna’s products to help protect our skin from the ill effects of a dropping temperature and central heating. We sampled the Shiny Lips Lip Balm, the Shea butter Filtered through Volcanic Rock with Roman Chamomile and their Mattifying and Nourishing mask with blue clay. 

If you are anything like us then chapped lips go hand in hand with cold weather. It’s unfortunate but true and cold winds have a nasty habit of ruining our lips. As such we are never far from a lip balm, and Manna’s Shiny Lips Lip Balm is the perfect way to keep lips perfectly hydrated and shiny all through the bitter months. Made with natural ingredients, the balm contains Sesame Oil, which helps with hydration and elasticity, Castor Oil which nourishes the lips and Cocoa Butter which will hydrate and protect the skin from various impacts. The product also smells amazing thanks to the orange and lemon essential oils in the product, which give it a great citrus scent.  If you lips dry out then so too will your skin, so it is imperative to apply a nourishing cream or butter to it at least once a day. We love the fragrant Shea Butter Filtered through Volcanic Rock that Manna produces. It is deeply nourishing and acts as an excellent base for makeup. This is because Shea Butter filtered through volcanic rock differs from the usual kind as it tends to be creamier and gives a more even texture and coverage. Manna filters their shea butter through the rocks (perlite) without using any chemicals in the process. 

Although winter can be drying, that doesn’t mean you can get away with not properly looking after your t-zone. So if you are someone with naturally oily skin, you are still going to have to take care of your complexion. We would recommend the Mattifying and Nourishing Mask for this as it purifies skin in a gentle, natural and efficient way. Despite what people may think, oily skin is actually the most vulnerable as it dehydrates quickly, this mask will help keep skin looking great, healthy and hydrated all day long.

You can purchase the Shiny Lips Lip Balm here for £5.30, the Shea butter Filtered through Volcanic Rock with Roman Chamomile can be bought here for £14.80 and the Mattifying Mask here for £9.20