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Here at The Amazing Blog we love treating ourselves to a manicure every once in a while, but let’s be honest, who can afford to keep their nails looking professionally done all of the time? Thanks to MICRO Nail, we can have salon perfect nails in a matter of seconds without spending too much money.

MICRO Nail is an electric nail polisher that buffs, smoothes and shines nails in seconds so you can have great, natural looking nails every day without having to head on over to the salon or use those time consuming manual nail buffers.

The MICRO Nail kit includes 2 MICRO Smooth Rollers that smooth away the top layer of ridges and 2 MICRO Shine Rollers that buff your nails. These rollers come in a handy-dandy drawstring pouch along with 2 AA batteries and an instruction booklet. The electric buffer even has pressure resistance control to ensure that if you do press too hard, the roller will simply stop rotating. That was my main worry with the gadget, so I'm pleased to discover that I will never damage my nails with it.

Although your original purchase will be £39.99, you only need to use the smoothing rollers once every two weeks, if that, and you can use the shine rollers whenever you please. After you've worn out the original attachments, which we're sure will take a while, replacement rollers are available to buy for £9.99 here.  We think it’s worth the initial investment, so head on over to the website and get started making your nails look sensational.