MODE Wonder Dust By Affinage

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We at The Amazing Blog love the bed-head look, but it is all about finding the right balance between 'effortlessly tousled' and 'dragged through a bush'. Luckily, with the MODE Wonder Dust: Mega Volume Powder by Affinage you get perfectly volumised and lifted hair.

This Mega Volume Powder is perfect for zhuzh-ing the hair in between washes whilst absorbing excess oils, for a seemingly fresh do. Or if you usually suffer from lifeless and lank hair, the Wonder Dust gives incredible root lift and texture. You have been warned though, the tiniest of sprinklings adds a tonne of volume! It’s called the Mega Volume Powder for a reason.

It is also incredibly quick and easy to use. Just shake a small sprinkling into roots of dry hair and roughly massage in. You’ll be left with gloriously messy but sexy hair that any Victoria’s Secret Model would be envious of. We love the lasting power of this Wonder Dust, as the texture and volume doesn’t fall flat during the day. It will take you right through the day or evening.

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