Morgan's Pomade Beard Wash

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With all of us making the most of the current trend of beard celebration, it is becoming increasingly important to give some notable attention to the maintenance of our facial creations. The last time this trend was so hot of course, there were weekly visits to the barber’s to allow a gentleman some professional tweaking to keep everything in order. And of course that option is still very much alive and thriving on our high streets, but for those of us who want to have a go-to option in our own bathroom cabinet, we have found a glorious range to highlight in the shape of a company called Morgan’s Pomade who have the perfect product for us to keep our beards in tiptop shape, and much more to enjoy besides

However, for this post, we at The Amazing Blog are bringing you the lowdown, but in an unashamedly highbrow way of the aluminum bottle of wonder that is Morgan’s Pomade Beard Wash. It’s all very well growing the follicles, but unless tended with due care, the growth can quite quickly become bedraggled and out of control, which of course in our appearance driven times is a total no-no. Morgan’s themselves are one of the oldest independent manufacturers of hair products in England, and with such a heritage, we are most definitely onto a winner here.

The beauty of this delicious syrup is that not only does it thoroughly cleanse the hair, but it also conditions it, which ultimately leads to greater control of the finished product once waxed and if necessary, styled. The current look to wear our beard is very much tailored and bespoke to the individual shape of face - and the kind of growth that we can achieve - we are after all unique, and this trend reflects that. 

 Morgan’s Pomade Beard Wash comes with Morgan’s signature fragrance of bergamot, lime, green tea, musk and sandalwood, but also contains the essential Argan oil, giving us that moisturising hit. Not only does it clean and moisturise, but exfoliates too when massaged deeply down to the roots, thus removing any dead skin cells. If you are anything like us, you will try it for a few days, and then quickly be searching out Morgan’s Moustache and Beard Cream or their Luxury Beard Cream to enhance the whole experience - and a tip for the girls here too, there is a phenomenal range for you too to explore! The Beard Wash costs just £8.50 for a 100 ml bottle here.