OhLaLa Macarons - "Macarons and Martinis" Event

Here at The Amazing Blog, we absolutely love having a fun girl’s day out. What’s better than spending quality time with your girlfriends over drinks and yummy food? When we heard about the Macaron and Martinis Events from OhLaLa-Macarons, we knew it would be the perfect venue for our next girl’s day.

The Macaron and Martinis Events are designed by the talented team at OhLaLa, where you’ll be delighted with culinary excellence in a gorgeous venue with amazing people. Each event lasts for two and a half hours, and includes unlimited macarons and martinis. The company hosts public events, as well as hen parties for soon-to-be brides.

During the class, you’ll learn how to make your own macarons, since you’ll be able to take home a box of 12 designed by you. After you’ve had your fair share of sweet treats, you’ll get to go behind the bar for a lesson in martini making. You can even make your own recipe with the ingredients provided, and the bartender will name it after you and will give you a card with the recipe on it to take home. Talk about fabulous!

The next public event is on 28th March, and you can book your spot for it here. Ticket prices are £65 each. If you’d rather have your own private event with your friends, you can email the staff directly via the email provided on the bookings page of the site.