Opatra Dermisonic

Here at The Amazing Blog, proper skincare treatments are highly valued. We generally stick with our standard cleanse, tone and moisturise routine daily, but sometimes we need something more advanced, similar to treatments we might receive from a beautician. Professional skincare device brand Opatra has the solution for a more advanced skincare regime that has professional results, but done in the comfort of your own home. It is with their revolutionary DERMISONIC skincare set.

The DERMISONIC combines five key elements into one multi-tasking device. These include: Ultrasonic therapy to increase the production of collagen, vibration massage to accelerate blood circulation, Ion+ electrical charges to remove impurities and dead cells, Ion- electrical charges to allow skincare products to penetrate into the skin more effectively and LED light therapy for anti-ageing benefits. When I tried it I was particularly impressed with how easy it was to use, plus how quickly I felt it working on my skin.

Before using this device, you'll need to cleanse your skin thoroughly and apply the appropriate cream or serum. The three different light options – red, green and blue – all offer a different benefit. The red light brings anti-ageing technology, the green light assists with providing anti-pigmentation benefits and the blue light helps acne suffers with its anti-bacteria wavelengths.

The main feature of this clever kit is their DERMISONIC device, with four buttons to operate the system according to your skin, along with a charger and cord. It also contains protective eye-wear, cotton squares for cleaning the device as needed and a serum (mine was the Dermiserum AntiAging). What we like that it offers a  'salon treatment at home' option and we'd certainly suggest it as a must for anyone who has regular salon facial - just think how much money you'll save!

Pick up your own DERMISONIC device here for £295.