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It’s that time of year again, when the long storage bags come down from the loft along with the oversized holdalls containing all the accoutrements we at The Amazing Blog  need to take our place on the slopes before packing in the odd black run or two. Padded suits, skis and boots, goggles, back packs and the odd snowboard add up to a whopping amount of kit required to ensure we can enjoy a week or two of uninterrupted bliss on the mountains.  Fortunately for us, not every essential item we need requires it’s own ergonomically designed sheath to protect it from the battering it will receive between home and the chalet. Take our skincare for example- as essential as those laminated planks we intend to swish about on - indeed as essential as the aforementioned goggleswhich shield our eyes; how we protect our skin is of vital importanceespecially when we are at an altitude where the elements can be very harsh on the old epidermis.


How thankful are we then that Otis Skincare have produced a range which slips happily into our hand luggage whilst packing quite a punch on the skin nutrition and care front. Obviously up there on the slopes, as far as our skin is concerned, the key goal is to avoid dehydration of our rosy cheeks, and this is where Otis have really come into their own by formulating the relevant ingredientsto ensure effective and long-lasting moisturisation through a 1-2-3 regimewhich couldn’t be more simple.


And of course, as we all know, if it’s simple, then the chances are the results will be more effective. Otis have looked at the most efficient way of cleansing, hydrating and shaving our skin, without us having to apply an excess baggage allowance in the process. The presence of Allantoin in all three products promotes the regeneration process from the outset, allowing the skin to soften, heal and ultimately allow deeper and longer lasting absorption. Aloe Vera sits alongside the allantoinbringing elasticity and allowing collagen repair with its anti-inflammatory action. From here we find the presence of Vitamin E, Jojoba and Tea Tree Oils, Shea Butter and Black Tea Extractin one or more of the products, with D-Panthenol, Glycerin and that stalwart of the moisturising process - Hyaluronic Acid adding to the mix.


If the above ingredients are making your mind boggle with the science of it all, then rest assured, the good news is that the Otis team have done their homework, and ours too, meaning all we have to do is open the packaging to apply, and then head out to face the world … or the slopes … or indeed the commute! Each product is worthy of a shout-out in itself, as the Daily Face Wash , Hydrating Daily Moisturiser and the Protective Shave Cream stand as well apart as they do together - this really is a superb range which identifies and rectifies the potential challenges our skins are put through, especially as we get older.Of course all this magic doesn’t come cheap: the FaceWash retails at £31, the Moisturiser at £47, and the Shave Cream at £34 from the online shop  here.