Prezzybox Smartphone & Tablet Mini Mount

It is not secret that we are a nation obsessed with tablets and smartphones, I’m sure many of you are reading this right now on your personal device. Here at The Amazing Blog we are no exception, consequently when we saw Prezzybox had a Smartphone & Tablet Mini Mount we couldn’t wait to try it out.

Prezzybox have made multitasking a possibility and hands free a reality. This gadget is highly versatile, fitting in any space and on any surface, perfect for any opportunity you are in need of both hands. The most obvious is of course cooking, rather than going back and forward to a cookbook or continually picking up your device, you can have it conveniently placed in your view at all times. Think of all the recipes you can perfect when they have your full attention, no more burning or overcooking. We found this particularly useful in the kitchen; we didn’t even have to worry about damaging our furniture. There is a cushioned area on the clamp and holder to give you peace of mind.

Now of course as beauty enthusiasts we managed to find a way to use it on a vanity. Place the clamp on the table or wall beside your mirror whilst watching makeup or hair tutorials, this will save you having to stop and start the video when trying to follow along. We can’t believe we’ve survived for so long without this useful and versatile tool. If you want to make hands free a reality get your own mini mount here for £39.99.