Sagaform - Fruit Infuser Pistons

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know how important it is to stay hydrated, but it can often seem a bit of a chore to keep on sipping throughout the day. Luckily for us, we’ve discovered a way to spice up our water, thanks to Sagaform’s Fruit Infuser Pistons.

Perfect for the gym, on the go, or just keeping hydrated in the office, these innovative bottles are a wonderful way to add a bit of excitement to dull old water, as well as adding an extra nutritious kick to your diet. The bottles are a substantial size in their own right, enough to keep you hydrated without having to refill every ten minutes. As well as this, the interesting design is great for playing around with flavours.

We’ve had fun in the office, experimenting with various fillings for the piston. Our favourite combination is deliciously juicy strawberries, with crisp apples, perfect for adding a refreshing zing to our desk side drink. And with a selection of colours to choose from, we’re sure there’s the perfect piston for your personalities.

Add an extra health kick to your water with the Sagaform Fruit Pistons. You can buy them here for £8.50.