Sculpt at Kew

As summer melds into autumn, amble through the picturesque gardens whilst admiring the contemporary sculptures situated amongst the foliage. If you’re an admirer of the art of sculpture and of gardens, like us at The Amazing Blog, Sculpt at Kew marries the two perfectly. It forms the ideal combination, as you can marvel at the man-made beauty in a beautiful natural setting. The exhibition runs from September 18th – October 15th and is held at the famous Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The stunning gardens are the perfect backdrop to over 30 renowned British and international artists’ work. This innovative exhibition features sculptures in an array of materials from bronze, ceramics, glass to woodwork. There is something for everyone, whether you’re partial to figurative, abstract or modern works of art, and if one happens to take your fancy you can even purchase the sculptures on show. The sculptures range in prices, so there is one for every budget. Carefully curated with a contemporary approach, you are sure to see a diverse variety of work, but all sharing quality, tradition, heritage and integrity in the work. The artists were all chosen with their craft skills in mind, so you are bound to see a high calibre of sculptures.

For a pleasant stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens amidst stunning sculptures, purchase a ticket here for £14 for an adult and £2.50 for children aged 4-16.