Smoothing Toning Mist By Novexpert

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Our favourite products, here at The Amazing Blog, are multi-use products, where one product can perform a multitude of functions. The Smoothing and Toning Mist does just this.

The Smoothing Toning Mist by Novexpert is a marvellous multi-use spray, as it tackles a range of problems. It has an anti-ageing effect, a moisturising effect and an anti-pollution effect. Novexpert recommend it for all skin types, but especially for those with dehydrated ‘tired’ skin who need a rejuvenating boost and for showing signs of ageing. It is a lovely little product to provide a pick-me-up for the skin, especially in temperamental weather conditions, whether that be extremely dry, hot, or cold climates. It is also great to provide some much-needed moisture and protection in air conditioning.

For the moisturising properties, Novexpert have included hyaluronic acid, moisturising probiotic and aloe vera gel. Amino acids, phytic acid, anti-free radicals and monosaccharide biotech sugar give the mist its wonderful anti-ageing properties. A few special ingredients, including oxygenating phytic acid and metals catcher, aid in anti-pollution.

It is a delightfully convenient product, as all you need to do is spray a few times on the face, leave for 10 seconds to dry and be on your way! You can use the spray as many times during the day as you like, but we love it before applying our skincare for hydration and after applying our makeup to set it beautifully. Our favourite aspect is that it is 100ml which means we can take in on the plane with us, to keep our skin supple and happy during those dehydrating flights.  

Purchase the Smoothing Toning Mist here for around £20