Stvdio 5 - Natural Soaps

Here at The Amazing Blog, there’s is nothing we love more than relaxing in a nice hot bath with some soothing music, a glass of wine and some deliciously scented soap.  The clever people at Stvdio 5 have created some of the most gorgeous soaps we’ve ever seen, so that our baths no longer just smell delicious, they look it too. 

Each of the beautifully designed soaps is handmade with serious attention to detail to look like some of our favourite baked goods. Unlike those carb-filled treats, however, these soaps are packed full of goodness. Following the cold process method, they combine Olive, Coconut, Almond and Castor Oils instead of using any nasty chemicals. We certainly felt the benefit of this natural goodness; that horrible drying feeling given by most standard soaps was noticeably absent after this tasty looking cleanse. The formula is enriched with Kaolin and Tea Tree Oil, which are packed with antibacterial properties, as well as Aloe Vera Extract, a powerful source of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and B12, Vitamin C and E. What makes these soaps extra special? They’re vegan, cruelty free, natural and, best of all, British.

They smell so good, you’ll want to eat them (but don’t!). These stunning soaps start from £3.00 and you can find them on Stvdio 5’s website.