Super Matte Mattifying Mist by Lock Stock and Barrel


A wind-swept mane tussled by nature is more than just a gorgeous set of locks; it’s a way of life. Well maybe not a way of life, but it certainly reflects one as it gives off that desirable relaxed summer vibe. So we at The Amazing Blog thought it seemed wholly unfair that the majority of hair products that promise those wondrous beachy waves are directed only at women. Regardless of gender, everyone deserves to feel like a Californian God. Luckily though, we discovered Lock, Stock and Barrel and their unbelievably brilliant Super Matte Mattifying Spray which, we honestly believe, would give Chris Hemsworth, Thor himself, a run for his money. 

The liquid to powder formula results in The Super Matte Mattifying Spray giving an amped, beachy, matte texture that would be hard to achieve otherwise. The fast drying combination of natural sea minerals and silica gives hair an unparalleled matte finish, with a light and lifted hold. On top of all this, the spray has an almost addictive citrus and woody scent accompanying its enviable results.  To use this product, simply shake well and spray directly onto towel dried hair or into palms and comb through with fingers, before blow drying. 

Unfortunately, the brand's website is having a makeover, but you can purchase the spray here for £8.76, and have that post surf wave and texture you’ve always wanted!