"The" Eye Creme

Sensitive Skin Travel Kit, "The" Eye Cream, Seaweed Mask and "The Best" Deodorant - Benedetta

Everyone here at The Amazing Blog loves to travel, and with the restrictions implemented at every airport in the world regarding liquids and suitcase weights, travel kits have become something of a must here. The only problem is that the majority of these kits are designed to dramatically transform dried out complexions. While effective on most skins, this can cause blotchiness and discoloration for those of us with a sensitive complexion. This is a problem that we have been aware of for a while here at the blog, so when we came across Benedetta’s new Facial Regimen Travel and Gift Set for Sensitive Skin, we knew we had to try it!

Not only are the products gentle on sensitive skin, but they are also effective. Coming in a clear travel bag that you can quickly place in any carry-on, the kit contains three marvellous and mini versions of Benedetta’s best products! The three products work brilliantly on their own, but we found that by including their eye crème and seaweed mask our skin was positively glowing, so have included them here. To use, you begin with the Anti-Inflammatory Massage In Crème Cleanser, which gently cleanses and exfoliates red or inflamed skin. You then use their fantastic eye crème, “The” Eye Crème, which diminishes dark circles transforming dull, lifeless skin around the eyes as it assists your body's defence against ageing. Following "The" Eye Crème, you apply the Rosemary Verbenone Crystal Hydrating Elixir, which renews hydration at deeper levels and encourages healthy cell regeneration resulting in a renewed complexion. Step Four is the Artemisia Facial Oil. This intensive oil treatment is rich in anti-oxidants and helps to improve the skins ability to protect against UV rays and free radical damage. The final element that we reccomend is the Seaweed Mask and Lavender Hydrosol. To apply you just add the lavender hydrosol to the seaweed mask mix until it is at your desired consistency and apply it over the face and neck and leave it on for at least twenty minutes – to remove, you rehydrate the mix with lukewarm water and a wash cloth.

We were also incredibly lucky and able to try Benedetta’s farm sourced and 100% botanical deodorant, “The Best” Deodorant. The ingredients in this product specifically target odor-causing bacteria. While not an antiperspirant, the deodorant counteracts the bacteria that causes excessive sweating. Primarily consisting of locally sourced organic and biodynamic blend of grape alcohol, the product is a spray that dries quickly, leaving only the enlivening botanical aroma of the active ingredients. We think that this is the perfect accompaniment to the travel kit as it slips easily into hand luggage and helps you refresh yourself during or after a flight! Meaning you can easily be the most beautiful, restored and natural version of yourself when you arrive!

All of the products are available on Benedetta’s website. "The Best" Deodorant is available here for £18.00 and The Travel Kit here for £47.00. "The" Eye Crème is available here for £73.00, the Seaweed Mask and the Lavender Hydrosol are available here for £34.00.