Acne Relief

Rawgaia - Hemp Glow Cleanser

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Our skin is continuously suffering from the cold temperatures. Add into the mix London's pollution, and an array of skincare products containing chemicals, and it's clear to see why we're struggling with dry and dull complexions. With upcoming festive parties, we’ve been searching for new skincare products at The Amazing Blog, hoping to nourish our complexions back health. On this quest, we re-visited Rawgaia, an award-winning brand that uses only pure, raw, cold pressed and healthy ingredients - giving excellent value for money, and peace of mind that the products are protecting your skin. We have in fact tried their Cold Pressed Carrier Oil before, so we were pretty certain it would help us this December!

Started by wellbeing expert, Jessica Michael, who is also the owner of Rawgaia, it is registered to COSMOS Organic Standards and has Soil Association certification. Their focus is on creating skincare that is nourishing for the skin, with natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones. We tried their Hemp Glow Cleanser, which promises to pull out dirt and balance the avails of daily life. This is something we can vouch for, our skin felt squeaky clean, yet was still nourished and supple. We particularly like that it is gentle enough for eye makeup removal, as there's nothing better than a multi-purpose product. The ingredients are the talking point of this product, 91% of which are organic. The use of flower water, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and witch hazel are notable for controlling sebum levels while remaining moisturising. Additionally, tea tree is another natural ingredient known for fighting against oily skin, and the use of hemp (a Cannabis plant fibre) is an exciting addition that forms a protective layer over the skin. Hemp also prevents skin rashes and provides relief from acne, a powerful ingredient to fight skin troubles.

This cleanser should be used both morning and night and is suitable for oily and combination skin types. Simply smooth this cleanser over your face and neck, gently massaging it into the skin. We recommend removing it with a damp and warm cloth, to unearth a radiant glow. You'll find this cleanser leaves a brightened complexion without a sticky, greasy or heavy feeling. Purchase your own bottle of goodness here for £28.00 (50ml).