Deep cleaning shampoo

WildWash - Natural Pet Grooming Products

There's no question that our dogs become a part of the family; we tend to treat to them as equals in every way but one, their beauty routine. Here at The Amazing Blog, we wanted to find a natural ‘Furcare’ product range that is catered to the furry need of all dogs. WildWash have come to our aid with their range of natural skin and coat care for pets. We were lucky enough to receive the Deep Cleaning Shampoo, Fragrance No.3 Perfume and Healing Paw Balm to try on our pampered pooches.

There is confusion on the dos and don’ts when cleaning our dogs - I’ve often heard that most regular pet shampoos strip their skin of natural essential oils. The problem is that my dog, like so many others, will find any excuse to dirty himself. Mud? Rolls in it excessively. Puddles? Dives in head first. There is no other choice but to wash him, but WildWash shampoos are innovative in their focus on keeping the PH balance natural. The Deep Cleaning Shampoo contains Soybean Phospholipids, Neem, Aloe Vera and Sea Kelp; all of which give the coat a deep conditioning and nourishment, as well as being natural flea deterrents, and having anti-inflammatory/antiseptic properties. There is so much goodness packed into one highly fragrant shampoo. The Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemongrass scent is beautiful and neutralises even the stinkiest of canines.

For the stages in between washes that we find our dog’s odour rather pungent, you can use WildWash's range of unique, PH balanced fragrances. That’s right, perfume for our pooches! After all, we want our dogs to smell fresh, clean and delicious all day long. The scents are all natural and plant-based, and we loved the gorgeous Sweet Orange scent with a hint of Coriander and Cedarwood. Once sprayed on the fur it gave a warm and spicy aroma, which didn't irritate the dog either, which is always a concern. Last, but not least, we tried out the Paw Balm, designed to protect our doggies from the many external conditions they have to endure. The Sweet Almond Oil used within it is high in Vitamin E, we were surprised how well it moisturised the pads and kept them soft to the touch.

Every product has passion and thought behind it, so give your dog the perfect fur day and get yours here for £14.95 for the Shampoo and Fragrance and £12.95 for the Paw Balm.