Hair accessories - Friday favourites

Sometimes it’s good to have a complete overhaul of hair products to revamp tired routines and remind you of why you love styling your own hair. At The Amazing Blog we have a roundup of our favourite hair accessorises from the old-reliable paddle brush to the new straightening revolution.

The Invisibobble is your new best friend, when you’ve got to the office and the wind-swept look isn’t quite what you want to stick for the rest of the day, or you just want to get your hair out of the way on the sweaty commute then this hair band is for you. It’s made of rubber rather than elastic and can be used just like a normal hair band, however this little genius leaves behind no kink when taken out. It exists 3 different sizes according to you hair type and mood. As the band is less straining on the scalp it’s been said it can reduce headaches caused by strained skin and is kinder on your hair. Unlike the conventional hair band this mini wonder doesn’t pull on hair, allowing hair to grow thick and full, need any more reason the buy?

You can get your Invisibobble, in the size you'd prefer here starting from £3.95.

We know all too well bed hair can be too much hassle in the morning, our solution? Silky Hair days cap from Gold class, the black silky cap can be used to keep hair (natural hair and extension hair) from matting and will also help eliminate any frizz from hair. Made from Mulberry silk, we love the design of the black silk can lace- the cap even adds a shine to hair, meaning waking up, your hair is ready to style.

Wake up with immaculate hair everyday and purchase the overnight miracle here for £30.00.

If you’re looking for new hair brushes then Denman is the go-to, they have a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all hair types. The colourful range includes their signature tangle tamer paddle brush, aimed to ease the process of brushing hair; we tried the purple Tangle tamer ultra. The super- soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing the tangles and ready to style. We also tired the large Thermo-neon curling brush, this large barrel is perfect for blow-drying, to create big bouncy curls to last all day.

The whole Denman range can be found here including the Tangle tamer ultra  at £12.50 and the thermos-neon curling brush at £15.00.


Finally, we looked at the latest styling revelution; the heated straightening brush from Babyliss. The idea of straightening and brushing hair seems slightly too good to be true, however Babyliss have created the ultimate tool and we love it! The brush features a unique bristle combination with heated ceramic straightening fins, which work to smooth strands from the root to the tip leaving hair shiny and straight for the day. The simple design resembles a paddle brush meaning it’s easy to use and a convenient size for traveling.

Change your hair routine by using the Diamond heated styling brush by Babyliss available here for £80.00.