John Vincent

LEON Family and Friends

Whenever I go back to my parents' house to visit them, one of the things I enjoy most doing is cooking for them. When I was a little girl I always used to spend time with my mum in the kitchen while she cooked - I saw her mixing these colourful ingredients and felt intrigued; I just couldn't understand how some raw ingredients could turn into delicious dishes. Since then, cooking has always been a passion that I've shared with my mum. We both love cooking for the ones we love, so once again, while doing a bit of research on cookbooks to feature on The Amazing Blog I came across with the loveliest and and most perfect cookbook: LEON Family and Friends. LEON Family and Friends is a celebration of the hours we've all spent around the table chatting to our family and friends while having fun. The book is divided in three sections: Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday. Today features dishes that are easy to prepare and are delicious too. Perfect for everyday. Tomorrow includes recipes that have more thought to them; special occasions with a small group of friends or for a family feast. Yesterday features the writers', Kay and John, culinary memories. A celebration of the family and the food that made LEON the people that are today,

LEON Family and Friends is one of the loveliest cookbooks The Amazing Blog has ever come across with. Its writing style, the recipes and the design make this book a must-have for those of you who love cooking for the ones you love the most.