Nourishing Shampoo

Alexandra Soveral - Sweet Orange & Rosemary Shampoo

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We’re always wistfully wishing for thick and more luscious looks here at The Amazing Blog but the goal of achieving this is easier said than done! While many haircare products claim to nourish and strengthen hair, the reality is that many contain harsh chemical cleansers that actually strip the hair and scalp from all its natural oils, making it brittle and dry. That’s why we were thrilled to discover Alexandra Soveral’s Sweet Orange & Rosemary Shampoo’s with its nourishing natural and organic formula, which is why it is one of this week’s #amazingfinds.

Cult facialist Alexandra Soveral’s beauty and fragrance brand launched over than 10 years ago, all with the ethos of delivering natural artisanal products produced with cutting edge science. All Soveral‘s products contain natural raw ingredients that are hand-blended in small batches here in London. They strive to ensure sustainability, and have been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly mark for its clean formulas.

Their balancing Sweet Orange & Rosemary Shampoo have no parabens, animal products, harmful chemicals or fragrances and most importantly no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). This shampoo is enriched with organic essential oils like sweet orange to vitalise the hair and rosemary to leave hair shiny and bouncy. An added bonus is that these oils give the shampoo a zesty, rosemary scent for a reviving smell every use. It doesn’t dry the scalp and is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties making it perfect for those who have an itchy or sensitive scalp. Since it doesn’t contain this drying foaming agent, the shampoo doesn’t lather as much (no SLS’s) as others might. With all these organic ingredients ensure hair is left shiny and luscious.

As the products are hand-blended and comprised of organic ingredients, the consistency and fragrance of the shampoo can vary depending on the season it’s produced. However, the ‘organic, antioxidant and multi-vitamin formula’ still remains the same.  We used the Sweet Orange & Rosemary Shampoo, as a frequent wash shampoo. We’re very happy to report that it not only helped to balance the pH of our hair and scalp, but is also suitable for coloured hair too – a big bonus in our eyes! To purchase a 250 ml bottle of the Sweet Orange & Rosemary Shampoo for £30 see here.

Hairy Jayne - Nourishing Shampoo and Cream Conditioner

We are always open to trying out new hair products here at The Amazing Blog. That is why we were so excited to receive shampoo and conditioner from Hairy Jayne ! Hairy Jayne is a hair stylist who brews her own range of products with her bare hands at her studio in Brixton. Each batch is carefully handmade to the highest standards, and have been tested by cosmetic chemists. The products are elegantly labelled and hand packaged in recyclable bottles. When we received our bottles in the offices we were blown away that such lovely products could be put together by hand. We received the Nourishing Shampoo and Cream Conditioner, which both have a wonderful floral fragrance that leaves your bathroom and hair smelling delicious. Both the shampoo and conditioner hydrate, add shine, calm frizz, and are recommended for most types of hair. Some of us in the office might be classified as having dry, damaged, or unruly hair, so this duo was a blessing for us to use upon our tresses. We loved both of these products because they made our hair feel super soft, but not flat at all. Hairy Jayne’s products are free from sulphates, parabens, palm oil, and are vegan friendly. We especially loved that all of the ingredients are sourced from companies within the UK which helps to lower the environmental impact of the products we love.

Hairy Jayne offers free shipping on orders of £20 or more, so purchase your Nourishing Shampoo here and Cream Conditioner here for £10 each.