Aquaint - Sanitizing Water

Today everyone is aware of the importance of cleanliness; here at The Amazing Blog we feel the same. However we wanted to search for a product to make sanitation quick, easy and portable.  Aquaint Sanitizing Water is a multipurpose water-based spray that can be used on any surfaces, our hands, skin and even mouth. It seems almost too good to be true.

Aquaint as a brand prides itself on the use of 100% natural ingredients, yet the product still kills 99.9% of bacteria in mere seconds. It contains only water and hypochlorous acid which is produced by the body to kill bacteria; it can’t get any more natural than that. Unlike any other sanitising products, Aquaint is alcohol free, non-toxic, allergy friendly, eco-friendly and can be used by all members of the family including new born babies.

Even those with the most sensitive skin don’t need to fret. When trying it out, we found it extremely useful to clean our work stations, freshen up throughout the day, and keep our hands clean whilst out and about. It has no offensive odour, sprays evenly over the skin and dries quickly. The 50ml bottle was a perfect addition to our handbags and we firmly believe it is a product for everyone.

Keeping clean has never been so easy, pick yours up here for £2.49 (50ml) or £4.99 (500ml).