Silver Toothbrush

Nano-b - Silver Toothbrush

Here at The Amazing Blog, we were shocked when we learned that the average toothbrush is home to more than 10 million bacteria (including E.coli, staphylococci, and even fecal germs). What’s worse is that 98% of toothbrushes have bristles with sharp edges due to the way they are cut during the manufacturing process. With the sharp bristles you can cause numerous micro-cuts every time you brush your teeth, letting all this nasty bacteria into your gums and causing infections. So we went searching for a solution and were pleased to find Nano-B had exactly what we were looking for.

This Nano-B Silver Toothbrush has 99.9% pure silver impregnated into its 1,600 bristles to inhibit bacteria growth. The bristles are also scientifically rounded to reduce gum inflammation and bleeding. The main purpose of a toothbrush is to clean and, with its clever double layered bristle design, it cleans those really hard to reach places giving you a beautiful, healthy smile.

Needless to say, we’re converted. If you’re interested in having your cleanest smile ever, you can pick up your own Nano-B toothbrush for just £7.99 here.