Teeth Whitening Foam and Strips- Janina

With Spring around the corner, we at The Amazing Blog have been searching for the best, quick beauty fixes to ensure we look perky and flawless after the chill. An impressive smile is at the top of our list and we’ve turned to Janina’s teeth whitening foam and strips to help us achieve the pearly white shine.

For an easy and 'on the go' whitening, Janina has created a teeth whitening foam. Formulated with oxygenating technology, it easily disolves to reach places better than regular toothpaste. The foam cleans, removes and helps prevent cavities and stains. The small bottle makes it easy to take wherever you go.

Janina whitening strips are effective in removing surface stains from coffee, red wine or tea as they contain Sodium Percarbonte.  This ingredient in contact with saliva enhances the teeth whitening properties of the strips. The easy to use, at home whitening strips are similar in design to a retainer: a plastic shell with a gel lining, designed to whiten the front and back of your teeth. For use once a day, the tray can be placed on the top and bottom teeth and left for 35 minutes, to be repeated for five consecutive days.

For the brightest smile in the crowd, you can purchase Janina’s whitening strips for £29.95 and the foam for £12.95 here