Helen Dewdney - The Complaining Cow

Gone are the days that complaining is a pastime for the miserable, here at The Amazing Blog we have learnt how to complain positively and effectively. Helen Dewdney is the brain behind The Complaining Cow,  and she firmly believes that complaining needn’t be a difficult feat if done correctly.

Dewdney gives the reader guidance throughout the book, covering just about every situation you could think of from finance issues to booking holidays and even dealing with noisy neighbours. This is certainly a read that appeals to all consumers out there, she promises to get you refunds, redress and results. If followed efficiently the book will surely pay for itself, it includes various template letters, legal explanations and clear worked examples to help us on our way.

We found it extremely helpful as it helped us dispute a parking ticket with success! Dewdney dispels some of the myths surrounding consumer information to ensure the reader is aware of their legal rights and how to make sure they are adhered to. It’s evident that she knows what she is talking about, the book is even updated anytime a law is changed or altered. Finally a non-fiction author we can have real trust in. We found the book extremely informative and Dewdney’s witty introduction endearing, by the end you will feel as if you could take on the world.

If you want to become a certified complaining cow get your copy here.