The Perfect Christmas Decorations

At The Amazing Blog, we don’t start getting into the Christmas spirit until the decorations up! We think that it’s practically impossible to picture yourself doing something Christmassy, without some twinkly fairy lights or a wreath perched on the mantle. Today we have put together a collection of exciting, fun and different Christmas decorations that we have found. We hope it helps to inspire and get you into the Christmas mood. 


First on our list is something a little special and very different from Melody Maison. They have launched a stunning gold antler wreath, which is perfect for anyone seeking to create a sophisticated Christmas theme. Not only does this gold wreath work as a great statement accessory, it is fabulously versatile and will look stunning on a front door or will add a certain je ne sais quoi as a table centrepiece. The wreath is made from resin sculpted to look like stag antlers it is available in silver. This is one decoration that is certain to wow your guests. Purchase it here for £39.95


If you are a planning a more fun and quirky Christmas, then we recommend Gillian Kyle’s new Christmas coasters, which are more than effective in bringing a bit of cheer and merriness to the dining table. Gillian Kyle has created two new and limited edition coasters that are bound to jazz up any table they sit on. The first collection features a fun, beautiful and whimsical Tunnocks Christmas Pudding.  For this range, she combined her two favourite treats, Tunnocks Teacakes and Christmas pudding to create the ultimate Christmas treat as well as a delightful design that will remind your guests to save room for dessert.  The second collection,  titled the Scandi Stag, features a noble stag with intricate baubles decorating his antlers. Both collections contain four coasters, and there are also matching placemats which are sold separately. You can purchase the Tunnocks Christmas Pudding Coasters here for £12.95 and the Scandi Stag Coasters here for £12.95


What would Christmas be without Christmas crackers? A travesty - we say! Christmas is incomplete without a table strewn with crackers. And yet how often are they a disappointment, featuring the same ‘presents,’ bad jokes, with a fizzled pop noise instead of a bang!  Of course, it is all a part of the charm, but it doesn’t exactly scream sophistication. If you feel this way too, but don’t want to ditch the tradition then why not try Yately Papers who offer a the game changer.  Yateley Papers are a brand that loves all things that look and feel luxurious. As such they've channeled this passion into their new crackers which are generous in every way.  The crackers come in an oversized barrel with hand tied bows on each end, as well as hand lined contrasting cuffs and extravagant contents. Each cracker is filled with a luxury chocolate, and every one contains a different flavour which has been carefully selected. This is of course alongside the hat, fortune fish and Christmas joke. Their crackers will elevate any Christmas gathering while retaining the fun and charm that we hold in our hearts. They can be purchased as a set of 6 here for £125. 


Last but by no means least, we present to you Lime Lace and their fabulous Christmas card holder. Each year we receive a whole host of Christmas cards from family and friends, and while we want to display them all so we can be surrounded by happy sentiments, we don’t always have space. In fact, traditionally cards are meant to be kept on the mantelpiece, but given modern living and renovations, not everyone has this feature in their homes. If these are also your issues then you are bound to love the Lime Lace card holder. The holder is a chic geometric reindeer. Just clip the cards you receive on the bar, and have a truly unique accessory. The frame is 78cm tall and is incredibly cute which means even if you don’t receive many cards you still have a stunning feature.  NB: Due to popularity, they may have already sold out if this is so, please log on and see their other Christmas accessories here.