The Swan Lobe

Here at the Amazing Blog, we often look on enviously, but are put off wearing some the current heavy fashion-statement earrings. You know how it is, when you wear some glorious dangly earrings but they feels too heavy and pull down on the lobe creating an unsightly slit in the piercing, something I’m sure we’d all rather avoid! Well, we have found the solution to this age old problem, its the The Swan Lobe . Meet this innovative new unisex product that provides ear-support for heavy earrings.  It's cleverly constructed In the form of an invisible thick tape, which is shaped to fit behind the ear and positioned from the lobe upwards, it's designed to transfer the weight of the earring to the cartilage. This creates an instant lift to the ear lobe, no more sagging or damage when wearing earrings.

The Swan Lobe is clear and therefore virtually invisible, suitable for all skin tones, and most importantly extremely comfortable to wear. The product was developed in 2007 by brother and sister, Wendy and Georgie Swan; it is evident that this family run company has certainly done their homework in delivering a product that really works. They have produced a video showing how the product works and how easy it is to use, it can be found here. We loved the effectiveness and great quality of this product, we’ve finally been able to step away from the simple studs and embrace exciting new seasonal styles - bring on those chandelier earrings...

Keep your ear lobes protected by getting your own Swan Lobe here today for £7.99 per pack, in each pack you receive 7 pairs.