Tisserand - Citrus Escape Room Spray

Here at The Amazing Blog we love making our homes places of relaxation, friendship and comfort. When the rooms in our homes smell beautiful, they turn into welcoming environments worthy of hosting guests. With room sprays from Tisserand we are able to do just that in such an effortless manner. A better smelling home is only a spray away!

We personally recommend the citrus escape room spray scent, but we love the other two scents as well: lavender walk and rose garden. Each scent smells so elegant and fresh that we want to use the sprays all day long.

Tisserand is a company specialising in aromatherapy products, so in addition to the room sprays they sell hair and skincare treatments, essential oils and speciality lotions. Each one is crafted with care and is inspired by founder Robert Tisserand’s years of expertise in the massage therapy and aromatherapy fields.

Get your own Tisserand room spray here for £11 in the scent of your choice, and you may never want to leave your wonderfully scented home!