Victoria&K - Moroccan Lava Clay Powder

Here at The Amazing Blog  there is nothing we love more than a multi-purpose product. We were very happy to receive Victoria&k Moroccan Hair and Skin Detox treatment , which has so many benefits I’m not sure I’ll have enough space to inform you of each one!

The product contains Moroccan Lava Clay which reduces dryness whilst improving skins elasticity. It is a 100% natural ingredient which purifies skin and can even heal small wounds and cracks. This ingredient contains silica which is scientifically proven to help get rid of acne. The product unblocks pours clogged pours without leaving your skin feeling dry afterwards, it is gentle on your body. Don’t forget this product can also be used on your hair!! We would advise mixing the treatment with a hair oil to obtain the full benefits, which will leave you with soft, silky hair after just one wash. Let’s face it, our skin goes through a lot on a daily basis, and just like our bodies it needs a good detox.

A detoxifying cleanser, skin conditioner, shampoo and a facial and body mask, is there anything this product can’t do?? We were fighting over the product here in the office. Purchase Victoria&K Moroccan Lava Clay Powder here  for £7.99.