Geosticks by Geobar

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We love snacking at The Amazing Blog. It is our biggest vice, and although swimsuit season is a long way off, it’s all too easy to use layers to hide as our bodies turn into bears. While this may be cosier and on the whole a more enjoyable experience, it is, firstly, fooling no one and secondly makes swimsuit season all the more stressful as we battle against the results of our bad choices. To entirely avoid this we have decided to change our ways and make healthier snack choices. In our research, we found the delicious Rice, Lentil and Quinoa Geosticks from one of our favourite brands Geobar. The crisps come in three moreish flavours Sweet Chilli, Herby and Peppery

Each pack is gluten and dairy-free and contain Fairtrade rice from Thailand and Fairtrade quinoa from Peru.  No matter which flavour you choose the packet won’t exceed 91 calories. Making these not just an ethically right choice, but an excellent choice for your waist. We partularly loved the Sweet Chilli which had a subtle chilli/tomato/spice sauce flavour which came through on these delicious crunchy sticks. All three flavours are utterly addictive, and with their low-calorie content, you don’t have to feel guilty next snack time! 

You can purchase a Geosticks multi pack from Traidcraft here for £21.60. This will include 8 packets of each flavour which will certainly be enough to see you through the next month or two!

Senspa Bath Salts



Here at The Amazing Blog, we appreciate the importance of a good long soak in the bath once in a while, with all your lotions and potions! So when Senspa sent us a bag of their 100% natural Himalayan Bath Salts we couldn’t wait to turn the taps on!


I think the main thing of importance with bath and shower products is the smell. If something dissolves into the water to give off a gorgeous fragrance, it’s immediately 10 times more appealing. So, when I opened the Senspa salts, I was blown away by the intensity of the Rose, Lavender and Cedar wood fragrance. This on its own, hitting you coming out the packet can be overwhelming, but pour under hot water and it’s a delight, filling the bathroom with a sweet, floral fragrance. .


The bat salts can be used in handfuls for daily bathing but if you fancy removing the toxins from your body is one go, the whole bag (500g) can be used for concentrated use. Soaking for 20 minutes is recommended before rinsing any residue off.

The salts scrub away any impurities to leave skin feeling soft, fresh and infused with rose and lavender!


Senspa Himalayan Bath Salts are available here (http://www.senspa.co.uk/iqs/dbitemid.89/sfa.view/detoxing.html)


Effitan - Insect Repellent

I'm sure we are all familiar with insect bites, and how annoying they are. We here at The AmazingBlog are always looking for some good quality insect repellent to keep the bugs at bay!So when we stumbled onEffitan Insect Repellent we were intrigued to see if it was the one for us.  Effitan is a spray that helps prevent bites from mosquitoes, ticks, and horse flies. It is ideal for warmer climates and it delivers natural, but highly effective protection. Effitan Insect Repellent protects effectively against mosquitoes for up to 8 hours, and against ticks for up to 6 hours. This is 2 hours longer than the best selling market competitor, and being DEET free, it is suitable for use when pregnant or on infants and children. We were also pleased to note that Effitan did not leave a sticky or uncomfortable feeling our skin, which is rare in insect repellent. The citrus fragrance it has was fresh, pleasant, and light enough to not clash with. Now that we have found a great insect repellent we can start planning our next holiday to warmer climes!

You can get a 100 ml bottle of Effitan Insect Repellent for just £10.75 from their UK distributor here.

Boomf! Marshmallows

We here at The Amazing Blog have something of a sweet tooth. So you can imagine our absolute delight when we received a delicious box of marshmallows, courtesy of Boomf! They cleverly recreated photographs of The Amazing Blog team which if you click here you will see us all,  each with our faces is on the little squares of marshmallow - genius!

With some novelty sweets like this, the actual confectionery can be substandard. This is not the case with Boomf!'s delicious fluffy marshmallows. It did feel a little strange to be eating my face, but I was a lovely vanilla flavour that tasted divine. You might be wondering ‘Why is Jose eating his face? Has he gone mad?’ Believe it or not I haven’t, and it’s in fact the photo of me on the marshmallow I’m referring to. See, Boomf! allows you to choose your favourite images from your Instagram account to turn into delectable little morsels of marshmallow! We’ve all seen key rings and t-shirt’s adorned with snapshots of favourite memories, but rarely to never on confectionery. With Boomf! this is now achievable. So whether you want your dog, that holiday photo, or your grandma on a fluffy marshmallow to dunk in hot chocolate, toast on a bonfire or just eat in its lone glory, this exciting new concept from Boomf! makes birthday and Christmas presents that extra bit sentimental…and tasty!

Boomf! come in packs of 9, priced at £15, and are available here

FTN - Natural Energy Drinks

At times the work week can feel never-ending, especially on Mondays. Sometimes, here at The Amazing Blog we need a pick-me-up in our energy levels. We like to keep things awake in our office and when that is hard to do, we now reach for FTN’s Natural Energy Drinks. FTN sent us their tasty Natural Energy Drinks in Super Berry and Citrus flavours. The natural drinks contain a whole food blend of green tea, wild blueberry extract, vitamin d, amino acids, and organic blue-green micro-algae. These ingredients are combined into a refreshing little shot that helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism, promoting body maintenance and repair, as well as giving us needed proteins and micro-nutrients for overall well-being. Both flavours were good, as they both tasted like fruit juice and provided an energy boost soon after drinking, and didn't have any sort of after taste or strange flavours which always put us off other energy drinks. Their mini size meant we could all keep one in our bags to battle lack of energy on the go. They are also fully FDA and WADA approved, so we can all drink up without the fear of chemicals or unsafe stimulants.

For a subtle and delicious energy boost during your busy day stop by the FTN site and pick up a 1 month supply of the Citrus or the  Super Berry for £39.99.