Friday Favourites - Luxury Perfumes

With spring (and even summer) on our minds, we at The Amazing Blog are rounding up our favourite perfumes that represent both our personalities and our surroundings!


Not only representing personalities but also expressing the character of the city are the Londoner fragrances.  After uncovering her love affair with London, beauty industry expert Rebecca Goswell seeks to capture the essence of her inspiration. Londoner fragrances represent the urban society; each scent is named after the postal code of the distinct part of city it captures.  We really appreciate that all of the brand's scents are androgynous, encompassing the character of either male or female which allowed everyone in the office (even Jose) to give feedback on the scents.  Our favourite scent in the line is the N6 Urban Fragrance with its notes of crisp bergamot, English fruit, jasmine and caramel.  Not only does the scent capture a bold yet classy personality, but it represents the elegant character of the Highgate Village as well. Other Londoner fragrances include W1X, EC2 and SE1.  Explore the city without leaving your home with the Londoner fragrances which are available here for £81.

acqua di parma

Taking us on holiday to the Italian Mediterranean with every spray is Blu Mediterraneo by the classic Italian perfumers, Acqua di ParmaBlu Mediterraneo’s first impression is energetic but is later complemented by a soothing aroma after settling on the skin.  These characteristic are captured with notes of juniper, bergamot and spices which are complimented with hints of sage, cypress and Virginia Cedarwood.  After the first spritz, we couldn’t stop passing the fragrance around the office.  From the ocean-blue colour of the bottle to the scent of the perfume, Blu Mediterraneo is the perfect escape!  Find the Eau de Toliette here for £54.


Another beautiful perfume to add some colour to your dressing table, is the innovative brand Aura-Soma Pegasus. An interesting idea, you choose your perfume based on the colour of the bottle as opposed to the scent. The concept behind the brand is that the colour you select is a reflection of your mood and personality, and the fragrance you get will act in harmony with your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. The office favourite is 75, which has a wonderful orange flower aroma. Its combination of turquoise and magenta helped to create a peaceful environment in the office.  Aura-Soma Pegasus perfume are more than just cosmetic; they are intuitive. On top of this unique feature, the perfume is the only one in the world to contain organic alcohol, an aspect we greatly admire. Aura-Soma Pegasus perfumes are available to buy here for £85.