Therapi - Rose Otto Honey Gel Cleanser

blog imageAs many of you already know, we at The Amazing Blog have a bit of a penchant for bees. Their vital contribution to nature’s equilibrium and their ability to produce a plethora of natural ingredients make them, in our humble opinion, the most remarkable of insects. One of their coveted creations, honey, has had a big hand in the making of one of our favourite beauty brands, Therapi. We have previously reviewed and loved the range here, but today I want to tell you about their magnificent Honey Gel Cleanser, which I was persuaded to try.

I must explain, I’m not the sort of girl who ‘washes’ her face. Perhaps it’s my loathing of the hard London water or my fear of getting that unpleasant tightening effect. I’m strictly a cream cleanser and toner kinda girl. End of. However after meeting Tanya Hawkes (the founder of Therapi), she very gently coaxed me into trying their Rose Otto Honey Gel Cleanser, promising me that it wouldn’t dry out my skin – and who was I to say no? Therapi pride themselves in their ability to produce quality, organic skincare, and their simple collection of products provides a no-nonsense approach that we at The Amazing Blog are hugely appreciative of. This Rose Otto Honey Gel Cleanser is a fantastic natural way to clear away daily grime. A golden elixir that has plenty of slip when diluted with water, you very gently massage into the skin and then wash away. And Tanya was right that, unlike other gel cleansers that I’ve tried, it truly didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and stretched at all. Its combination of natural and beneficial ingredients (yukka extract for removing impurities, honey to nourish, and rose otto to rejuvenate) left my complexion feeling clean, supple and fresh.

Housed in sophisticated white glass bottle with pump, it was a dream to use and has been part of my morning shower routine. I think it will be a long time until I’m out of the honeymoon phase with the Rose Otto Honey Gel Cleanser. It is available to buy at Being Content, here for £25.