Nouveau Lashes - Ultrabond Strip Lash Adhesive

If there is one item that beauty industry is not short of, it's strip lashes. There is a plethora of corner lashes, full strips, crazy coloured lashes, lashes with diamante bits on them,  individual lashes and even celebrity branded lashes … in fact, you name it, they have it! Interestingly, despite the array of lashes on the market, by comparison there are very few different formulations of lash adhesives available. Enter Nouveau Lashes’: Ultrabond Strip Lash Adhesive; a latex-free formula with promises of delivering the most incredible bonding strength.

ULTRABOND STRIP TUBESNouveau Lashes, (The Guild's Best Lash Supplier 2014) developed Ultrabond in conjunction with the world’s leading expert medical grade adhesive formulators.

Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes asked the Aspen Clinical Research to do independent testing on Ultrabond and here is what they said:

  • 96% felt the adhesive was not irritating
  • 80% felt the lashes stayed in place longer than their usual brand
  • 85% reported that the lashes stayed in place during swimming
  • 83% reported that the lashes stayed in place during exercise
  • 62% reported their lashes did not lift in the corners

So you can see from these results that it really is a revolutionary lash adhesive.  Not only is it latex-free, but heat, humidity and water resistant too. What really makes Ultrabond stand out from its competitors is the latex-free factor. The formula is suitable for those with sensitive skin, which allows individuals to stick the lashes directly onto the skin instead of the natural lashes. This makes it perfect for anyone who has lost their lashes either through having Alopecia or from recovering from Cancer. We say: ' Genius'.

We at The Amazing Blog wanted to see what that ‘incredible bonding strength’ claim was all about; so we all decided to follow Nouveau Lashes’ Ultrabond directions to the letter, and managed to wear our strip lashes for an incredible 48 hours in a row… Gym, swimming, partying, showering - you name it, we did it and it worked! Our lashes stayed in place. Not only that, they popped off with ease by just using a little oily eye make-up remover. So with The Amazing Blog’s test-drive being such a success, we decided to ask 50 beauty bloggers to take the #UltrabondChallenge too. Next weekend on  the May Day bank holiday, we'll be keeping a close eye on Twitter and Instagram to see how everyone gets on...

But if you can't wait til then, Nouveau Lashes Ultrabond Strip Lash Adhesive is available to purchase through the Nouveau Lashes online shop for £12.95 (10 gr).