La Fee - Absinthe Parisienne

blog imageAlthough we here at The Amazing Blog love our work, we also enjoy a happy hour or two every now and then. And though we definitely wouldn't class ourselves as big on the booze, we were both excited and intrigued when a bottle of Absinthe Parisienne from La Fée landed on our doorstep. In association with the French Absinthe Museum, the artfully designed bottle wouldn’t look out of place in 19th Century France, but it looks equally at home in our liquor cabinet.

From the ‘people who pioneered the Absinthe renaissance’, you’ll struggle to find an absinthe more pure than La Fée. With the original recipe dating back to 1915, there have been a few tweaks since then, although the ingredients still remain 100% natural. This particular blend contains a delicate mix of fennel, coriander and hyssop, along with the distillation of 60% more Grand Wormwood and less star anise than the original recipe. The naturally vibrant ‘verte’ drink is protected by La Fée’s unique UV blocking green bottle, ensuring your absinthe will taste great all the way to the bottom. And, considering its 68% potency, that will take us quite some time yet. Although we are a fan of the signature aniseed taste, we weren’t quite brave enough to drink it traditionally – with 6 parts water to 4 parts absinthe, using the included serving spoon to dissolve in a sugar cube or two.

We were, however, more than happy to sample the cocktail menu. Our favourite recipe was ‘Green Fingered’, a delicious concoction best described as an adventurous Pimms, consisting of 25ml Absinthe Parisienne, 25ml sugar syrup, berries, mint, cucumber and lemon, all topped off with a splash of ginger ale. It’s the perfect refreshing beverage for the pub garden weather that's on it's way. With bans in some countries only lifted in the last 15 years, it goes without saying that this is not a drink for the faint hearted. But in moderation, drunk responsibly, it’s a delicious tipple, easy to customise to your own tastes. La Fée Absinthe Parisienne  is available to buy here for £42.91.