Herra Protect - Hair Perfume

blog imageWe've all tried those shampoos and conditioners that claim to protect our hair, but until now, we would have never dreamt of doing it by spritzing a perfume onto our locks. Thankfully, we here at The Amazing Blog have discovered a way to thoroughly defend our hair, while adding a beautiful aroma to it. Herra Protect is an innovative hair perfume and finishing spray all-in-one. The goal of the spray is not only to shield hair from the elements, but also to hydrate and refresh strands with a brilliant fragrance. Inspired by Greek Goddess Hera, who was well known for her beauty, Herra Protect left us with silky, scented tresses, fit for the gods.

A combination of sunflower extract to protect from UV rays and combat colour fade, and olive fruit extract to guard from free radicals and pollution, make this lightweight perfume the perfect product for the city dwelling girls among us. As well as offering blanket protection for your hair, the unique aroma of Herra Protect is designed to mesh with the scent of both your daily perfume and body, making the fragrance individual to each person. Although I noticed that the scent held in my hair longer than most hair perfumes I have used in the past, for optimum results, Herra Protect suggest reapplying every 2-3 hours. Spraying hair this often may seem excessive, but the 50ml bottle lasts a long time and is the perfect size for carrying in your handbag, making reapplication much easier. Not only does Herra Protect complement my daily scent, but I can spray the weightless formula onto my hair throughout the day with no worry of build up. The tall glass rectangular bottle, engraved with gold accents and complete with black spray pump, looks like a perfume bottle, making for a great accessory on the dressing table. Protect your hair from harmful rays with a delicious scent by purchasing Herra Protect here for £24.99.